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Enterprise Access Control

Access Control on mines can present various challenges due to the unique nature of the mining environment. Due to remote locations, harsh conditions and multiple entry points, addressing these challenges requires a comprehensive approach that considers the unique characteristics of the mining industry and leverages technology, training, and effective management strategies to ensure secure access control while maintaining operational efficiency and safety.

Credential Management

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Credential Management is designed to protect against security vulnerabilities including cloning of access cards, relay attacks, managing multiple access points, which compromises the overall security and accuracy of access control systems. 

Access Control Software 

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At the heart of your Access Control system there needs to be a powerful software that provides a central management platform designed to give you complete site control. Gallagher Command Centre is fully configurable to meet the unique needs of your site, from perimeter solutions, intelligent access control and building management right through to critical sites with some of the highest security requirements.

Physical Barriers - Workforce Flow


The use of mechanical components does not provide automatic record generation of access events or attempts, nor do they provide any form of notification of unauthorized access attempts to security personnel.


Integration of these components with an access control system allows event information to be recorded and shared automatically, and therefore contributes towards a sites integrated security infrastructure.

Physical Barriers - Vehicle Management


Vehicle Access Barriers encompass a variety of solutions including Boom Gates, Security Spike Barriers, Bollards, and Blockers.


These solutions can be used as stand-alone physical and visual deterrents and as complimentary components for areas where threat and risks associated with individual entry points are elevated. Manual vehicle barriers are ideal for controlling access into areas with low to medium security needs whilst automated barriers are better suited for medium risk areas that receive a high volume of traffic. These can be use for both Light and Heavy Motor Vehicle access. 


Car Park & Vehicle Management

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Digitise vehicle management through the use of smart immobilizers integrated into your workforce management system for intelligent starting. 

Car Park Management allows a site to manage car park access, car park space allocation and occupancy, and ensures the best utilization of your car parking resource.

Security Doors

Abloy Powersheild Doors.jpg

To deters breach attempts and secure assets, Security Doors meet the highest demands for safety, security and convenience.


Security Doors offer maximum protection of people, property and assets within any building, . A comprehensive range of pre-engineered security doorsets are available specifically designed for either internal or external use. These can also include Cleanroom, Acoustic, Blast and Ballistic, Fire and Personnel doors.

Secure & Contactless Access Terminals


Experience a seamless and comprehensive biometric access control solution through the integration of secure and contactless access terminals. With this you can achieve a fully synchronized biometric system that operates without the need for external plugins or enrolment utilities.

Perimeter Monitoring

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Gallagher perimeter systems are nonlethal and meet international safety standards. The perimeter fence system can be divided into zones which are individually monitored so that in the event of an attack, security staff can pin-point which zone is affected and respond appropriately.


Through high level integration Gallagher’s perimeter security system can be configured, controlled and monitored within Gallagher Command Centre.

Body & Baggage Scanners


Advanced people screening systems are used for non-invasive detection of all types of objects or dangerous threats concealed in-or-on a human body. X-Ray Full Body Scanners are a state-of-the-art low-transmission X-ray body scanner, featuring a second X-ray generator for detecting even smallest contraband inside the body. Perfect for gold and weapons detection.


Container & Vehicle Scanners


Drive-Through Portal (DTP) Container & Vehicle X-Ray Scanners are the ideal security portal solution for accurate, non-intrusive drive-through cargo and vehicles, buses, minivans and car inspection.

Locking Solutions

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Secure locking of entry and exit points in a mining environment is of high importance for the safety and security of both personnel and assets. Mines are inherently hazardous environments, and controlling access is crucial to prevent unauthorized individuals from entering areas they shouldn’t. Moreover, secure locking mechanisms ensure that everyone on site can quickly exit in case of emergencies, minimizing the risk of injury or loss of life.


Overall, secure locking mechanisms are vital for maintaining a safe, controlled, and productive working environment.

Intelligent Key Systems


Key management systems enable the securing, control, and auditing of key handling giving effective control of assets.


The mining industry contains a range of potential risks and dangers both in open pit and underground operations. It requires the highest security and safety systems to help ensure the well being of its employees, to prevent theft of raw material and equipment and keeping unauthorised people off premises. This is done by controlling access to doors, to different gates, mine entry and exit points and controlled explosion areas with restricted access hence improved security, liability and a safe working environment.

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